The Environment And Me

In smaller towns, it is very common for farms and acreages to be surrounded by an abundance of trees around the house and yard to keep the strong winds from blowing things into, or off of, your yard. My home was no different. The types of trees varied but were all equally useful.  Each year we would take the smaller trees that would be suffocated by the larger ones and relocate them so that they may grow as big as the others on our property.

We have many trees on our acreage, from spruce trees, birch trees, and crab apple trees. Each of these trees serve a different purpose and help in a variety of ways. Because of this, my family and I do what we can to take care of the fully-grown trees, and relocate the smaller trees to a new area if the area they are in could hinder their growth, or offer them to people who are wanting or in need of trees.


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