Ecoliteracy Braid

Reading the poems and posts of other students in the class was very eye-opening. Before we had all shared I knew they were all going to be poems and that they were about saving the earth but it was still very interesting to see the differences and how each post varied from the other. Yet, just like how no two snowflakes are alike but together can produce piles of snow. The differences in each post all had powerful ideas on how we should be incorporating eco-literacy into our everyday lives. As someone who has never been strong in the category of poetry, it’s a bit embarrassing to try and compare the short poem I had written to the incredibly creative and well-written posts of the others. But, will the goal being about our views, thoughts and how we share the same views towards the planet it was difficult deciding who’s posts to write about.

I enjoyed Mack’s post because I really enjoyed the fact that not only was his post done incredibly well, but it also was what he had planned to send into the Dean of Education. You can read it as a message to the Dean but I also viewed it as a message to myself (or those that read it). Further, in the poem, he writes “Getting there won’t be easy. We all must do our part. Recycling isn’t everything. But it is a start.”. I read this and it really hit me in my pride. I used to think “what difference does it really make if I recycle or not? I’m just one guy” and basically used that as an excuse not to recycle and not feel bad about it.

I had read Sara’s later and really enjoyed how relatable it was. As someone who grew up on acreage with open fields beyond my backyard, I too enjoyed the beautiful view in the evenings that came with it. “We run through the field to find a perfect spot. It has now deepened to a violet-blue, with strokes of bubblegum pink, and clouds so thin and light”. This allows any who read it to picture their own memories of looking up at the beautiful sky the earth has given us.

With how short my poem was I feel as though comparing it to the other posts would be a knock at the other posts. But, short as it may be, it is still my views on how the earth has given us so much and yet we still “We take it for granted this planet of ours”. With Mack’s poem being about taking the literal steps toward saving the planet, Sara’s post about enjoying the beauty the earth gives us if we can take care of it, and mine being almost the bridge in-between, I think reading all these posts has really broadened my knowledge and understanding of Eco-literacy.


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