The Purpose of Treaty Education

Blog post #6

  • The purpose of teaching Treaty Ed is important in all schools whether there are First Nations students in the class, or school, is to spread the awareness that we are living on shared land. When the Indigenous people decided to share their land with us when we first came to this country, they shared everything with us when we had nothing. We seem to take this for granted this country we live in and some people either have no knowledge about this shared land, duo to teachers/parents not telling them about it, or because of their own selfish beliefs that don’t care to acknowledge it. Regardless if there are First Nations students in your class or not, we all need to have an understanding and acknowledgement that this is not “our own” land, but “our” land as a country that the Indigenous people graciously shared with us.
  • The understanding that “We are all treaty people” in our curriculum is knowing that the “history of Treaty 4” (or wherever one is living) is not something that happened years ago that has 0 relevant to our lives today. As future teachers, it is our job to explain to our students that we are on shared land, that every day Treaty 4 is still in effect, that all of us here in Canada are involved in Treaty 4 and are all “Treaty people”.

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