Whiteness of Green

“There’s so much grey to every story – nothing is so black and white”. (Lisa Lang)



Our project was about raising the awareness of our carbon footprint and was we can eliminate the damage we do to the earth starting with the simple things in our everyday lives. This quote to me gives me the confidence where I myself had doubt in my ability to reduce my carbon footprint. Many of the people in my group already had many things they had incorporated into their everyday life and to someone who had just started, it was almost discouraging to look at myself and see how much I wasn’t doing. I viewed them as being the people the earth needed while viewing myself as the same as all those who don’t care for the environment. Though I do try I felt like if you were to take those helping the earth and those who are not, I would end up in the group who does not compared to the rest of my group. This quote to me made me think that there doesn’t have to be just “black and white” but the shades of grey in between. Perhaps my shade of “grey” is darker than others, but I can keep working towards me own personal goal and not compare my “shade” to the others.

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