Journal Entry #4

My family lives on a large acreage. It’s surrounded by trees and grass and is really a beautiful place. Growing up all I knew about it was that it was my grandparents before ours but never came to the understanding of “who owned it first?”. I had never thought about how the government allowed my grandparents to buy it or who the government took it from before my grandparents bought it.

The “space in between embodied feeling & making sense” and “moments of relearning & unlearning”. I believe are the places, not physical but mental ones, where we feel the happy. Not the same happiness you feel at the end of a movie or a book with an ending you like but happy in a peaceful sense. Like walking along the ocean shore and looking off into the ocean, or walking through a path of trees and stopping to admire the size and beauty of it all, or if you’ve hiked up a hill, a cliff, a mountain and you reach the top and feel like you can see the whole world and all its beauty. You almost don’t even have a thought you could put into words. It’s just a feeling of happiness you get when you see the earth in all its beauty. I believe that is what Ho’s paper is trying to explain in those 2 sentences.

Path through trees.jpg




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