Blog Post #5

My parents were both raised in Cristian homes and my father was even a pastor for most of my childhood. Church was a very common thing and even after my siblings and I were old enough to make the decision on if we wanted to go to church in the mornings, we still would out of respect for our parents.


We didn’t do much apart from church for any type of spiritual enlightening. It almost seems boring to compare sitting in a building for 2 hours compared to the hands-on teachings that the First Nations beliefs and relationships with the land where they have a more hands on approach to their teachings.


The closest thing my family might have to our own spiritual tradition would be when we would go out through our trees and relocate the smaller baby trees to a location that doesn’t have as many so that the little ones aren’t killed by being so close to the large ones. After we had relocated and watered them. We would sit on the grass looking at them and talk about all the benefits that come with having trees and all the things that the trees do for us. Though it was only really a summer thing for us, it was still something that we all enjoyed and was “our” thing.


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