Ecoliteracy Poem

Like a mother that cares for her child.

The earth has done everything to provide.

While she watches us, all run wild.

She has always been by our side.


And yet, with all she has done for you and me.

Like her trees giving air for us to inhale.

We still choose to pollute her sea.

Leaving behind our plastic trail.


We take it for granted this planet of ours.

But the little things can make a change.

Like walking instead of driving your car.

Removing plastic for an eco-exchange.



The Environment And Me

In smaller towns, it is very common for farms and acreages to be surrounded by an abundance of trees around the house and yard to keep the strong winds from blowing things into, or off of, your yard. My home was no different. The types of trees varied but were all equally useful.  Each year we would take the smaller trees that would be suffocated by the larger ones and relocate them so that they may grow as big as the others on our property.

We have many trees on our acreage, from spruce trees, birch trees, and crab apple trees. Each of these trees serve a different purpose and help in a variety of ways. Because of this, my family and I do what we can to take care of the fully-grown trees, and relocate the smaller trees to a new area if the area they are in could hinder their growth, or offer them to people who are wanting or in need of trees.

What is the environment


What is the environment to me? The environment is my home, and yet, its everywhere. When I’m outside on the front lawn with my dog playing catch, when I’m walking down the sidewalk on my way to the university, and when I’m on vacation at a beach in some tropical place I am surrounded by the environment. What first comes to mind when I think of the environment is my home back in Melfort. We lived on an acreage with large lawns that we would run and play on, a long dirt road that we would ride our bikes on, and hundreds of trees that we ourselves planted. My favorite environment would be when I would walk with my dog too our raspberry bushes beyond our numerous trees where I would pick berries until I couldn’t hold anymore, and then continue my walk until I had reached the end of the trees where the last tree had a very low branch that I could sit on while I watched cars drive by and share my berries with my dog. It may not be everyone’s idea of the environment but it is a place where I feel closest to the earth.


Even though people may have their own ideas on what the environment is (which I am in no way disagreeing with those ideas of environment), I believe that the environment is everywhere and all around us. Though the environment changes depending on our location we are still within an environment of some kind. Whether we live in the city, small town, or a different country, we are all in an environment.