Professional Knowledge

I have only begun my journey into becoming a teacher so I do not have as much as I might like to share but I can share what I have learned so far.


From the start of the semester learning about the Residential Schools was quite a shock to me as I had never heard of them until I began attending university. To learn about the horrible things that were done to the First Nations people that were forced to attend was very saddening, and was also an eye-opener for me on an extreme example of teachers abusing their power.

We were also taught about the privileges that we possess and the discriminations that others face in their everyday lives. Though being from a small town with a community that from my memory I had not seen or quite possibly recognized the racial discrimination of other students in my school, this also provided an eye-opener for myself.

Further, into the semester we were taught about the abuse that many gay, lesbian, bisexual, transexual, and quire students in their high schools, jobs, and even their own homes. Coming from a small town with a family of all straight people I had never witnessed this type of abuse before and had discussed as a class many ways we could help future students that may suffer from the same abuse to make their lives better.

Though this may not seem much to the reader I hope to continue further expanding my knowledge to better professionalize myself as a future teacher.