Teaching Experience

Even though I am still a university student, I have still gained some very valuable knowledge and experience in further preparing myself as a teacher.

With the semester coming to a close, I have just recently finished my teaching placement at the elementary school W.F. Ready. There, I help Ms. Vibe with her grade one class and got my first taste of what it will be like as a teacher. Though I did not teach the class myself, I was still able to experience helping the students with reading, writing, and addition.

With that being my only actual classroom experiences, I have also taught numerous football camps which taught me how to teach kids while also giving the one-on-one help to those who were struggling more than the others.

I also worked at a summer camp for a couple summers as a cabin leader, this taught me how to instruct children while still keeping all that they learned and did fun. It also taught me how to discipline the children who were disobedient while still showing that I cared for every one of them and wanted the best for them.

I hope to expand this knowledge in my journey to becoming a teacher at the University of Regina!